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There is (finally) a new post on matthewgood.org, thoughts?



Machined in a madness the blood and brains and hair painting the curtains, meth pressed shotguns and slumped cocaine cowgirls that famous and sick and wanting some ideal sunrise behold heads on pikes, the radio scrambling: Almighty…Almighty. 

Oh butterflies to never doubt you, napalm and cluster cans, champions of the Blood Cult, the bodies of babies yet to speak all ballooned and maggot homed, slumped against refugee fences mothers wrapped in plastic bag maternity gowns, legs apart, daring the stars an explanation, wishing for guns and ammunition, revenge or suicide. 

Purged, you dark wings fell down upon straw, you dim result evolutionary, you faggots and straight mocking things all headed the same place, a cause of some happiness tied down not having run together strangely, as if the head of the horse laid out on your pillow kissing you with invisible Champaign and Israeli - Palestinian porn. 

In the outbound mist a jackal, crowned and in song ancient a steel longing to love, in the leaving dark mocking backward in laughter our heavy metals, our bones from the beginning, eyes of those wolves such to Rome that immortal enslaved itself, chain-linked to fences that without proper consent would cancel the years of the world, no teenagers fumbling in the dark, Carthage to Camelot swept aside, to the woke elimination of history. 

Upriver into the black leaves and spiral vines, intestinal carpentry, “never get out of the boat,” not for the fame, the pussy, the cock, invisible currency that dies as everything else, fucked over dish water, never plotted in youth and so sudden then the concept beyond, that we in caves and small places dwell, lizards, wall things, Moria, the end and the beginning, the alpha and the omega, all set-a-dance to failing music.


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i wouldn't call this prose. i... don't know what to make of it. some of it seems obvious - including the overall feeling, but most of this giant twisted mass of metaphor is lost on me. 

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I'd pay a good ammt for a live show/streaming show even. Hell imagine if we could make the setlist!!  We could get some Inescapable Us, some Flashdance II, some covers, maybe haven't slept in years.  I'm down for a few hundred US  anyone else?

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