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Acoustic Tour

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The best idea I've heard in a long time.


I hope he'll actually do it, and also tour in London Ontario (hint hint). But that kind of show would be worth travelling to see.


Would there also be an acoustic opener? Because that'd be sweet too.


That is all.

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Guest acrobate

I would drop everything and travel across the world to see that. I still cannot forgive myself for missing the Avalanche tour and I would love to hear The Inescapable Us live, as well as Running For Home.

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id see an acoustic show, and yes apparitions acoustic has got to be one of the most amazing and moving things i have ever seen and heard

when i saw him do apparitions acoustic, it wwas awesome, what with apparitions being one of my favourite songs, but the problem was, despite being like 5 feet away from him, there were like 20 drunk and high guys jumpuing around... like how do you jump aroun and mosh to that song acoustic? and before and after he played it, ythey kept randomamly yelling "APPARITIONS" at the top of their lungs... i bet Matt was pretty mad.

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I went to his show in Guelph, Ontario this fall. And, honestly, there were no drunk idiots there that I saw. It was a pretty good crowd. Well, I think one guy yelled something dumb at him like "take it off" or something, but no major assholes were there. During the show Matt did say that it was one of his favourite clubs to play at. Maybe that's why. ;)

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i emailed Matt, telling him an idea for an acoustic show. i live in vernon, and we have a performing arts center, and also a company here that makes the sound equipment for theme parks and the best performance halls in the world (carnegie...etc). well they donate the newest equipment to the center here, in exchange for bringing prospective clients here to check it out. so little vernon and its theater, have the best digital sound system in the world, something called digital wall technology. i asked Matt to consider coming here (only a 4 hour drive from vancouver) and doing an acoustic show, filming it and selling it, proceeds going to amnesty or something. well i never heard back, but 2 weeks later he comes out on jph blog and mentions an acoustic tour idea he has been kicking around, damn i was hoping he would come play here, but now all may be lost.

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He would have to relearn to play Fearless. I would love to hear it, but on the other hand it is kind of similar to Apparitions. I suppose if they were separated in the set it would work out well. As for other tunes, it would be cool to hear some different, totally unreleased material.

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i'm a massive fan of acoustic music in general and seeing a band or artist in that setting in my opinion is what it's all about. i just love it. seeing matt in that environment would be a definite highlight for sure. i had the pleasure of seeing bruce cockburn last year at the play house in fredericton. just him, a couple of acoustics and a female doing back ups and playing some piano. just a beautiful night of music. my eyes and ears never wandered for 2 1/2 hours. a true delight. even as a "rock" musician, i'm pretty sick of trying to catch a band amidst the drunken idiocy that generally takes place. it's pretty hard to enjoy a show when you're being kicked in the head, pushed around and having beer spilt on you. i like that best! maybe i'm getting old at the age of 27. i much prefer the low key atmosphere's now. much more enjoyable when you cantake it all in and not have to worry about what's happening in the play ground with the kiddies surrounding you. anyways, thumbs up for a matt good acoustic tour. cheers.



oh, to jamesg from vernon. i'd be happy to play your art centre. let me know and i'll be there. lol.

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Here's my ultimate 2-3 hour set-list for an Acoustic show:



She's Got a New Disguise


Prime Time Deliverence

Change of Season

Strange Days

Running for Home


Born to Kill

The Fine Art of Falling Apart

Sort of a Protest Song

I, the Throw Away



Near Fantastica

Empty Road

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands


Will it ever happen? Maybe on a cold day in hell. Why? Because, regardless of the fan base here, there's definitely not enough hardcore MG fans in North America that could pack a joint to the point where it becomes profitable for him to do a concert like this.


It sucks, but it's the truth.

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Sign me up for the acoustic tour. I'm with James! I've been to the Performing Arts Centre in Vernon and the sound is amazing. Definatly a super show to take in. It was extra cool because I had a photo pass and could stand at the front of the stage (it was a seating only venue) for the first 3 songs. SWEEEET

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that would definitely be huge exciting if he did an acoustic tour--i would follow him to a couple cities if i could....obviously ottawa (where i'm from) and montreal and maybe any othe rneighbouring cities he'd be appearing in...man...if he ever pleayed suburbia again i would cry so much....i love that song more than anything...obviously...its my signature thing.....oh i really hope he goes through with it--there have been rumours right?

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It would be amazing if


1) He played old songs like Fearless.

2) There was no alcohol at any shows.

3) He put on the poster "Will not play Rico, so stop asking"

4) All Ages shows

No it wouldn't!


2) we need alcohol. I am a responsible drinker, why would I have to go to a alcohol less show because of a few that can't conrol themselves? Geez.. What's the point of getting drunk at a show anyways, the music is what gets me drunk! :angry:


4) All ages shows... Young people shouldn't be out too late anyways, so 18+ or whatever the legal age is in your province, I'm all for it. ;)

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I would have to agree about there being no all ages shows. The WLRRR tour was all ages and the best shows of Matt's I've seen. I hate to say it, but it's better when the kids stay home.

you totally contradicted yourself there...

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