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Casual Walks

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I only wish this song was longer.

Does anyone else have a lot of the older non released stuff.


Good interview below:





Most of your music isn't immediate, hit-single type material. How difficult is it to get things across with that in mind?


M: Unfortunately, it's wound [into us] culturally as far as music is concerned. When we play shows, there'll be people who know all the words to all the songs, then there are those people who are just, like, "Play 'Apparitions.'" It's got nothing to do with the way people are, it's got to do with how people are taught. To appreciate music in this day and age, it's all singles-driven.


D: It's really rewarding when people come up to you after a show and say, 'We wish you played "Prime Time Deliverance" or '"Prime Time Deliverance' is my favourite song, why wasn't it a single?" You have to tell them the reason it wasn't a single was because it was five minutes long.


M: I love it when people don't understand when you say that, because on some level they haven't been corrupted. One thing that people have said to me is that off the current record, "Born To Kill" should be a single, but it's five-and-a-half minutes long and there's just no way. If we move a lot of copies of the record then maybe. Who knows?


It probably would never make it to the radio because with a title like "Born To Kill," they'll try to connect you to Columbine High School.


M: That song has nothing to do with that. If people are going to be stupid and shallow about things like that, then fine. Of course, they've been taught to be literal, be literal and not think for themselves. I think if you read the lyrics to that song, I don't think the surface meaning to that song would even be apparent.


"A Boy And His Machine" could be taken literally, too.


M: Just from the title, maybe. I don't think if anyone heard the song, and afterwards they were told the title, they would connect the two. (And here's where a vintage-grade MG manifesto begins...)


M: This violence [Columbine High-type scenarios] exists within all people, whether you're driving in traffic and you get pissed off at somebody or whatever. Rage is rage. Circumstantially, no one will ever put their finger on exactly why.


In the 7,000-odd thousand years of human history, things like this have occurred all the time. It's just when it occurs in middle-class white suburbia it's all over CNN. A whole bunch of leftist rebels in Algeria walk into a village and kill 400 people in their sleep and it gets a blurb. Which to me is far worse. Because what that basically denotes is that we're far more enlightened not to do that. And being that egotistical is the danger inherent in our society. History is cyclical, it's absolutely true. All the great civilizations in the history of mankind: the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans. It'll happen to us.


We're so enlightened and we've got it so good. The bottom gets eaten out and it falls in and it'll be someone else's turn. For people not to be able to think that way, to think that you'll be on top forever is bullshit. These things are just early indicators. That's all they are. Everything is masked in different guises and everything is a construct unto itself. But the fact of the matter is, things like this happen every day. Just because they happen one day outside of Denver, it becomes a media frenzy and all of a sudden it's about why, why why!? If you want to deal with it realistically. Don't have Larry King do a million specials on it.


Basically, what you are doing is allowing everyone who needs to point a finger to point a finger at something they think is wrong. The right wing will say it's because the family unit is broken and the country is godless. The left will say it's because we're not talking to our kids and we're not in touch with ourselves or reality or our freedoms. Or there's been restraint. It is what it is man. You call a spade a spade. People are going to do things like this, and to say it should be limited to people we think are insignificant or say, backward enough to do it is our opinion. Therein you can put good solid fact that, in the end, we'll lose. Because if you think you're too good, if you think you're too good not to [do bad], you're bound to fall, man.

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you'd honestly want casual walks longer? i think it would lose half it's charm, i love how it just seems to have this quick flow to it, that suddenly you're at the end before you really realized it began (almost mirroring a casual walk)... songs like that are rarities

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