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If you've ever lived on the Prairies, chances are you get that show. I don't know what it's like if you've grown up in Toronto your whole life, but I'm sure at least some things still apply.




Agreed. I was raised in a town of no more than 500 people, and every time I watch that show, I can always relate a character to someone I know from back home. Definitely some Saskatchewan humour in there.

The cast of the show was the talk of the town(Regina) for a while, you'd see them around all the time.

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It's not really that funny. It has its moments, yeah, but overall I could find better programming on, I think.

I don't think I've ever cracked a smile while watching the show. And his stand up, honestly, the furthest thing from my cup of tea.

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Craig Northey is indeed the lead singer of the song, but the band/duo that performs it is "Northey Valenzuela". I saw the show last week (I think), and it was pretty funny, I liked how they kicked "The Tragically Hip" out of the garage, and Colin James wasn't good enough to play in the band.

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I know Craig Northey does the opening theme song, "Not a lot goin' on"



But who does the closing theme? Or is it the same song?


if anyone knows that'd be appreciated.

Found it, Craig Northey does the other song as well, called "my Happy Place" or something like that.

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Radiohead, is the song by any chance, Northey Valenzuela's song "Halfway to Happy"?

Nah, it's not, I finally caught it in the credits, it's credited to Craig Northey alone and is called "My Happy Place".


You were right about the other one, it's credited to Northey and Venzuela

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I love this show. It may not be a laugh-out-loud-a-second type show but it has its own charm and is a very cleverly done show. Very creative and plenty of subtle humour and most of all the cast and characters are fantastic and very relate-able. They have one of the best chemistries I've ever seen on a show. This is one of my very favourite shows ever.

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