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Arts County Fair

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Tickets go on sale March 7, 2005.

The first 1000 tickets are $14 and available only in the UBC Student Union Building with valid UBC ID. Preshow tickets are $20 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Tickets may be available on the day of the fair for $25.

Two pieces of valid picture ID are required for access to licensed areas at the Fair.

No one under the age of 12 admitted unless accompanied by an adult.

Guardians of children under 12 will be responsible for them at all times and be restricted to the minor's area.



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I'll be there, taking a coinciding vacation at the end of March that I'm extending until the 8th (calling it an early birthday present), so I've got a place to stay, $ for things, etc. What I need is someone to reserve some damned tickets for me. I'm hoping to get my sister, who lives in Van, to go by and pick some up, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to/want to. Anyone here feel like getting a couple of extras for me? I can pay for 'em when I get there and if you don't trust that, its not like you won't be able to get a good price for them from someone else.

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hey, help me out here, my wife and i were gonna make a day trip of this (4-5 hour drive from the okanagan), but if we wanted to bring our 8 year-old son, whats the layout like? is the minor area near the stage?, is it too much of a drunken bash to be bringing a kid to?

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If you bring your son, get him some earplug. A show can deafen little (or big) ears.


IS there anyway that i can get someone who's going to this show to get me a signed WLRARR? i can mail more than enough $$ (cough*incentive*cough) if someone would do me an amazing favour.

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