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Less Popular But Still Rocking Bands

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Alright, seems people are getting bored with what they have been listening to.

Put down the name, and song if want, of a good band you think other people might like. Let's see if influence can dissolve the boredom with music.


I'll start with:

Unified Theory-withered

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Reverie Sounds Revue

A Calgary band that has unfortunately broke up, but their EP is fucking awesome. It's availible from the MegaTunes website. LISTEN TO IT!

I saw them open for the Dears, and they also had an opening spot for Modest Mouse.

Good tunes to dance/chill out to.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Porcupine Tree

Jason Becker

Judas Priest

Jeff Buckley

Dire Straits

Frank Zappa

Jethro Tull


Flaming Lips

Tom Waits

Grateful Dead

Umphrey's McGee

Shawn Lane


Deep Purple

Dick Dale

Del Vezeau

Derek Trucks Band

Jeff Beck

Joe Bonamassa

John Frusciante

King Crimson

Mark Knopfler

Michael Lee Firkins


Michael Hedges

Steely Dan


Yeah you've likely heard of at least a few of these, but i had some time.

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The Nihilist Spasm Band


They're the best ever




Go check them out now




Right there


all their songs are awesome.


Don't make me start a new thread for just them.


"John Boyle............kazoo / thumb piano or drums

John Clement............guitar or drums

Bill Exley...............vocals and noise

Murray Favro............guitar

Hugh McIntyre..............bass

Art Pratten ...........Pratt-a-various"


Kazoo & Thumb piano, and I don't even know what a Pratt-a-various is, can't go wrong with a band that has one member just playing "noise" now can you? Such a solid line-up.

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