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Farmer's Protest At Queens Park

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Did anyone see the farmer protesting at Queen's Park? He was about to set himself on fire and apparently was shot in the head or something. I did not see this with my 2 eyes, but my rommie did. I'd just like to get everyone's opinion on this.

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Man Sets Himself on Fire During Toronto Protest



Wed March 9, 2005 5:20 PM GMT-05:00

TORONTO (Reuters) - A man doused himself with gasoline and set himself alight during a stand-off with police on Wednesday during a protest by several hundred farmers in front of the Ontario provincial Legislature in Toronto.


The man drove a white rental van into the demonstration area and then held off police by telling them he had doused himself with gasoline. The incident was carried live by Canadian television crews monitoring the farmers' protest.


Police cruisers hemmed in the man's rental van, which was reported to be carrying gasoline cans, and then rammed the van to stop him moving it. Fire crews rushed quickly to the passenger cabin when flames erupted after the collision.


"I've seen people on fire on TV before, but in real life it hits you a lot harder," said eyewitness Michael Snary.


"He was sitting in his van, soaked with gasoline for about 20 to 25 minutes. The police cordoned off the area and were trying to talk to him. He threw an envelope out the window."


Police declined comment on the incident other than to say the man had earlier been distributing pamphlets.


Ontario farmers, rural landowners and developers had gathered outside the Legislature to protest against the provincial government's rural policies.


"It's unfortunate that this took away from [the farmers]," said a police officer at the rally.


"It had nothing to do with us," said one tobacco farmer. "We're farmers. We're peaceful."


The fire was extinguished quickly and the man pulled from the vehicle and taken to hospital. Neither his name nor the extent of his injuries had yet been released.



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Yeah, that was on of those things I watched on the news that I wish I hadn't. I sort of think that they shouldn't be allowed to show something that graphic because it shouldn't be glorified, but on the other hand, I watched and it disturbed me and maybe it's good for people to actually see how horrible something like that it. That way people can keep a more realitic perspective, rather than picturing everything like it happens in a movie.

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People who kill themselves or hurt themselves for their cause do everyone including themselves a serious dis-service. They seriously detract from the cause, and effect the level of appreciation for their stand.

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