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The Making Of "the Audio Of Being"

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Just use your own e-mail for the "recipient" then post the URL here and everyone is happy and you get your money and then we could ride ponies and maybe eat candy corn or maybe even cotton candy and then we would go on the swings and get sick and puke everywhere and maybe we could try to play some stupid drug dealers for their drugs and then get high and stuff and then.....

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...we could run around the neighbourhood at night screaming lyrics to songs that are popular at the moment, all the while slinging toilet paper into the trees that dot the properties of older residents of the neighbourhoods that refer to us as 'them trouble bunch.'

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I'd love it it someone uploaded this. I've never seen the actual making of audio of being. You don't even need to put in an email address for www.yousendit.com either, just leave it blank and it gives you the link afterwards.

shit, really? I was sending a bunch of files to myself so I could burn them on another computer.


I'd love to see this doc. Someone upload it or I'll have to show you my boobs ;)

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