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I wouldn't say creepy, not at all. Time will tell, that's for sure.

As for halloween, I stopped going out because I ran out of costume ideas. The year before last year I went as a ghost with a wig. But that was because I just wanted candy and didn't care what I was. Now I just eat all the candy that we use to hand out to kids.

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The one night of the year where one can openly carry a firearm and not get arrested. I suggest you all try it. Substitute axe for firearm if you're one o'them squeamish types.


At least that's how it used to be : \

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either that or beck. all ihave to do is wear shades and carry around a copy of dianetics.

ha whatever. dress like he did in his 'Midnite Vultures' era. with the frilly things on a tight shirt, and john lennon glasses, then make your hair all messy. You'll be tres hot.

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