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Made Up Words

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Word Near Fantasticites...


I have a few words in my day-to-day life that are 100% completely and utterly fabricated. Let's explore this shall we?


To name a few commonly used terms:


Moobar = Mom.

Cocoa-me-ack = chocolate milk


and so on. What made up words do you commonly use?

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Bool. It has many meanings. To be "a bool" is bad, while to be just "bool" is good, to be THE bool (like me) that means you're the best. Sometimes it can be tricky and mean different things depending on how you say it. "It's a bool word" can mean that the word is bad or great. It's been an on-going word for many a'year now.

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that reminds me of the movie kung pow. Chosen One is faced with the supposed deaths of some of his friends... and he decides that killing is bad and wrong, in fact it is so bad and so wrong that they need to invent a new, stronger word for it...


"yes, killing is Badong"

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Guest jsunC

I dont use many made up words, except choc hotlate (hot chocolate) and upatee (anything that flies), and fantabulous.

I use some seldomly heard words like, debacle, exquisite, delicious, vanquished.

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There's a word for wrestling that my family's been using for generations. Literally, it's called 'Ballyragging' which is actually a really lame word.

But it's a part of our vocabulary. You use it in situations such as "Sydney! Christian! Quit ballyragging!!!"

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Common leet words


d00d: Replaces "dude" and its variety of uses.


joo and u: Used instead of "you." Also written as "j00" or "_|00."


kewl: A derivation of "cool."


m4d sk1llz or mad skills: Refers to one's own talent. "m4d" itself is often used for emphasis.


n00b, noob, newbie, or newb: Combinations synonymous with new user. Some leetspeakers view "n00b" as an insult and "newbie" as an affectionate term for new users.


ph: Often transposed with "f." For example, leetspeakers might use the spelling "phear" for "fear" ("ph34r my l33t skillz") or spell "phonetic" as "f0|\|371(." New illegal Internet activities, such as phishing and pharming, are often named using this convention.


pr0n: An anagram of "porn," short for pornography.


pwn: A typo-deliberate version of "own," a slang term often used to express superiority over others, for example, "\/\/3 pw|\|3d _|00" (we own you).


roxx0rs: Used in place of "rocks," typically to describe something impressive.


sploitz (short for "exploits"): Vulnerabilities in computer software used by hackers.


warez or w4r3z: Illegally copied software available for download.


w00t: A celebratory cheer similar to "yay" or "woo-hoo!"

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