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What goes on in this topic?


I'm barely listening.





























edit: I lose.

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Something that gets me, why didn't they forsee this when they first started out as a band? I mean were their goals that low that they didnt think they would break out of Canada? ;)


(You would think that upon getting a record deal, you'd change the name of band prior to a debut release so it won't cause any troubles down the road.)

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wtf? I hate it when they do that too.


Edit - from their website:


June 27 06

Hello All,


Just some words regarding our name change. I really feel you all deserve a more detailed explanation. As mentioned in the note on our website, the impetus for the name change is purely legal in nature. Given the litigious nature of the United States we could not afford to retain Pilate as a band name. In the event that a company with a similarily named brand came after us, we as Pilate could be embroiled in a legal battle that could potentially cost the band hundreds of thousands of dollars. As you might rightly assume, this is money we do not have. Trademark lawyers in the US looked into companies that had similar names (similar spelling and/or phoenetics), and advised us that in keeping the name Pilate, we would be very vulnerable to such lawsuits.


This was indeed an unfortunate development, but one we would have undoubtedly eventually run into in the US. With this in mind we sought to change the band name. We wanted to keep Pilot (pilate) in some form just to make the transition easier. As much as we are all in many ways attached to the name Pilate, for us to venture outside of our own country the change was imperative. I also understand everyone's feelings toward Pilot Speed, any change as large as this is sure to be met with mixed emotions... In the end however we may now be able to avoid jokes about stomach excercises, as well as the common pronounciation error, Pee-lah-tee...


The change was not meant to alienate or disappoint those of you who have to this point been our biggest supporters. I could not in words state the importance of your support and passion thus far, and am saddened by the thought that this change makes any of you feel less involved in the fortunes of this band.


We ARE the same band, and rely on the small percentage of you who continue to spread the word. Moreover, the up-coming name transition renders your support all the more crucial.


In the end the decision to change names was made because we wanted to be able to continue to make music, not just at home in Canada but around the world. I hope this clarifies things for many of you. That was my intent.


As always take care of yourselves.



Fucking sue-happy Americans....

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That's just like that electronica guy who performed under the name Manitoba. He got sued by a burnt-out punk rocker who was maybe a bit popular 25 years ago who performed under the stage name Handsome Dick Manitoba. Honestly, what the fuck?

I know, that's so idiotic. And now the poor guy has the name 'Caribou'... He should've stuck with place names, Manitoba was so much better, but that has-been dink had to make a fuss.

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