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Ask Geoff ( Memorial Thread )

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This has been pretty cool reading over this, I don't really have any questions for Geoff, I think the music speaks for itself and everyone's going to take away from it their own personal sentiments and what not. But I just wanted to say that the whole MGB discography has had an indelible impact on me. So, thanks for helping to make some fantastic music.

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Oh that piece of shit!!!We were all dressed up like these weird animals....it was freezin' bloody cold....they didn't bother to tell the poor girl she had to do a nude scene...[frezzin' cold remember]...made me take out my nose ring...[grew over] and ran 8 hours over time. Sucked.


Director went on to do Ian Thorleys first video...

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Hey, does anybody remember the 4 venue live release of Underdogs???

Now THAT'S ol' school!!! What a nightmare!!!LOL!!!

Was that where you played the record stores? I was at the . . . whatever it's called on W. Broadway, at Pine. I don't even know if it's there anymore.


Geoff do you remember playing the Pitt Pub at UBC, way waaaay back in the beginning? It was a Wednesday night, I had a class and convinced a friend to come meet me after. Alabama and Symbolistic were on the radio.

Ray Condo opened, remember those guys?

That room is so awkward for a band to play. People warmed up after a while; I guess Matt wanted to keep going, he just turned his back on the manager trying to wave him down and kept playing for an extra half hour!


news: this morning on my way back home because there was a power failure at work, I saw a poster for a DSK ! show. How is that possible? I thought Blair moved to Toronto. Who's in that band now?



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oh ok, haha! i wasn't sure if you were doing that over-the-top internet sarcasm thing. ;)


Yeah Ray Condo was awesome. We used to go see them all the time; actually that's what finally convinced my friend to come all the way up to UBC to see some unknown band.


(is it weird that I remember it clearly and you don't at all?? :angry: )

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It's true. Matt never was much of a guitar player but write a song????Mutherfucker!!!That boy can WRITE!!!


If you don't think too much about it and just let it go....genious.

Oh, and don't let ANYONE tell you can't do it....maybe sometimes you just...should.

As far as my guitar playin' goes, I know I suck but I like my songs...



Go write a song. ;)

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Hey, I got a question fer you guys.....why, with all the CRAP on the radio, does music consume you???

My life revolves around music....how 'bout you???

I rarely even listen to the radio any more, unless my dad has it on in the car when we're going somewhere. With the internet being as huge as it is now, it's not hard to find something new and inventive and that doesn't sound like every fucking Nickelback clone on the market. Now it's more about pumping out quick hit singles than writing music that challenges people and makes them think, which is a shame.

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