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Che Guevara

Che Guevara was a...  

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  1. 1. Che Guevara was a...

    • Great Revolutionary
    • Great T-Shirt Salesman

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lol this is a funny poll. lol What if you disagree with both of them? Sure Che did some great things, but he also has a dark history as well. He was a doctor, but apparently used to do some pretty sketchy experiments with people. So it's sorta half and half, who knows, either way, he lead a Bolivian revolution and was the right hand man of Castro. I have problems with Castro too, he locks up people who disagree with him. I mean, he's a lot better then many other world leaders but both these people, as always have character flaws.

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i guess capitalism won then.

haha uhh i don't understand how that works. Some dude dies, and a bunch of people make some t-shirts of him that they sell. There wasn't some competition between Che and the eerie powers of capitalism lol. He was a pinko for sure, but the t-shirts don't have anything to do with that lol - garks that is so confusing.

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Clearly he was assassinated by a Norwegian hitman, hired through handlers by a coalition of Fruit of the Loom and Haynes in a sinister plot to create a pop culture t-shirt empire. Just like Jesus and those plastic bobble heads, or Dale Earnhardt and die-cast replica NASCARs.

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Sheesh people, after going to medical school Che drove around South America on his bike with a friend ( this is the basis of the movie the motorcycle diaries) - then making his way to Mexico where he met Fidel's brother - who later got him into Fidel's group, helped lead a revolution against Balliste (I dont know the spelling but the Cuban dictator at the time) only to join the ranks of the Cuban government to leave for his vision of a revolutionary change in Bolivia and Africa. SHESH!!

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