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Who's Listening To The Stream?

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Ohhh just got too Moon Over Marin. I was wondering what the covers would be like. ITs actually really great.


The albums been awesome so far a nice mix of upbeat and mellow songs.


LIke I said before you can really feel MG's emotions in the songs as well which is really nice. (and not just cause it leads to better songs)

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I swear to god if I reset this thing one more fucking I'm gunna flip.


Must not ALT+TAB to that window...


It's a good thing I like Champions LOL

OH NOES cause the rest of the album is AS GOOD!!!


Hehehe I plan on listening to Champions 1 more time before I go to sleep


Last song now ;)

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I think I'm on The Devil's in your details now? The last song ended abruptly or the player and/or my hands managed to skip to the next track. Lousy Matt being an ass and ensuring that we don't skip a beat of this.


Yeah, apparently I'm on Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird. Somehow, I skipped one of the tracks!

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OKay Listened to it all and here is my review.


Most likely his best album! (havefta listen to it many more times to be sure tho lol)


Biggest (good) suprises. The new mixes on When Hollywood Runs outta Indians (Champions of Nothing) and She's in it for the money!


Best parts of the album

-Champions of Nothing



Worst Parts

-WHen it ends lol but seriously I'm not safer than a bank was odd I'll need to listen to it again.

-Fact I have to wait a month to own this masterpiece now


As I've said You can really feel Matt's emotions in the album which at the end of the day will make it that much greater!


The covers were done extremly well. I actually will have to track down copies of the originals now to see what they sound like.


Definatly tho a 5/5



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is there a secret song?

I thought there was one for a sec. I hit play again after it ended. But it turned out to only have taken me back to I'm a window.




Anyone figure out whats being said at the start of Champions?


I hate you <something> <something> <something> Love is a strong word


lol another Taco Bell Shoes/Taco Gots you's/whatever

debate is coming methinks

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So far I'm loving Metal Airplanes.


the sound clips are hit and miss for me.


We're enjoying the album a lot right now, liking the pacing of it, it's getting progressively louder I've noticed.


We're at "I'm A Window".


Should be awesome live.

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