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Okay, Wtf?

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I just got in line with everybody else after the Buffalo show. It was awesome. I wish I would have had my copy of Hospital Music with me for him to sign...but maybe I'll get to another show and have another chance for that before all is said and done now that he may be coming to the U.S. again!!! ;)

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I was the same way when I had a chance to meet the Deftones and when Rob Zombie walked past me. I'd make a fool of myself. Wait, would dropping to your knees and bowing while yelling "I AM NOT WORTHY" make me look like a fool?

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i wouldn't know what to say if i did meet him, so i never encourage such a thing happening.

Same, My mom chatted with him about web design for a minute, she says she's embarrassed about it now ;)


The only thing I could think of saying was "So... You come here often?" And I was all "NO, Not saying that!"

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