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based on what was being said in the hour CD thread... i'd like to gage interest in something similar.


how many of you would be interested in a "the bored" cd exchange?


i think that so we could involve all the members of the forum, we should do this by mail.


i'll make a list of those who are interested and after that we could go about it any number of ways. in the CD exchange i participated in, i gave them my email, and then that email was assigned to two people, and i was given two other people's emails and home addresses to send them a mixed CD.


i guess in the process of all this we should decide how many CDs should be made and whatnot, but, for now, who's interested?

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i think mail is more fun. there's nothing like getting a package in the mail. people could make cool CD cases and put a lot more thought into it. if we're just downloading playlists, why don't i just post mine and tell you to download the songs yourself? that doesn't seem as fun to me. and as far as postage is concerned...postage within canada is nothing. internationally it varies, but i mean, if it's an exchange, then the person you're exchanging with is paying the same amount you are...but this is something we could discuss further i guess. i just want to know if people are interested in a mix CD exchange of some sort.

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Okay, according to the mail company website it should cost about 2 CDN $ to ship to Cananda, not too bad.


I have no idea how much it would cost someone from Canada to ship here though, probably more.

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maybe, maybe not. if you'd like to participate in this thing shiri, by all means, do. if it only costs you $2 then that's pretty good. if everyone pusses out when it comes time to send the CDs out and doesn't want to fork out the $18 to send you a CD, then i will. but i don't know how things will work out yet.


ok so far we have 6 people who are definitely interested. any other takers?

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i'd do it. we should have our own thread where we can review the last cd we got. what we liked, what we didn't. and so on.

good idea.


and it should be pinned. i'm talking to you, moderators.



wweeeeee!! more! more!!


first rule for the mix cd mis-match: no matt good. might be obvious, might not. no matt good.

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I'm interested...


Would they be mp3 CD's or the classic 20 song mix CD?

i think 20 song mix CD sounds good. i mean, if we're for the idea that we all want to make mix CDs instead of downloadable playlists, then the 20 song mix - as it will be something everyone can listen to on their stereos and what not - is a good idea. although, you don't have to limit yourself to 20 songs. if you can fit 21, go for it. im sure that might have been obvious, but i just wanted to make it clear.


so to my understanding, here's the list of participants so far:





dan #2






the rat who would be king (underscores be damned)


hooray for even numbers. any more of you people interested? did i miss anyone?

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and rewarding, when you receive your CD in the mail.


i'll let sign-up go for like another week or so, and then i'll randomly choose who will be with who.


should it be designed so that i make a CD for someone, they make a CD for someone else, and so on? or should it be a simple trade off, like i make a CD and whoever i send it to is also responsible for making it for me?? if it's the former of the two, then i'll try to keep things a secret as far as who's sending a CD to who, to keep it more of a surprise. unless you guys think that's silly/unnecessary.


if people could start PMing me their mailing addresses, that would be cool.

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