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What Are Some Of The Things That You Bought

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at a dollar store that were very useful for you?



as a post graduate unemployed dang near homeless, i find dollar stores to be awesome for buying paper, pens, birthday cards, even books.


what do you got?

when you say "post graduate" does that mean you have a post-graduate degree in something, or does it mean that you have just finished your undergraduate?

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I remember the first dollar store I went in to. Orlando, Florida. I couldn't believe it. Wait, every thing's a......dollar? I was a kid, and just wanted to get back to Disneyworld. But still, the things you remember...and post on a message board on this whacky thing called The Internet. whoa.....If I could go back to that very moment I was impressed by a dollar store, and the young age of 6 and told me, "hey kid, you're gonna be....no, don't cry....you're gonna be talking about this moment in the year 2008. I know! no, we won't have spaceships by then. no, we won't be living on the moon. no we won't...ah forget it, gotta go!"


i like typing important things like this. yes, I just blew my mind.

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are you high?


Dude, at the dollar store near my place I can get a pack of 6 for a buck. It has been responsible for mitigating quite a few lazy afternoons.


back when i was drinking a lot more at work, and when i had our office refreshed, i had the guys paint a small target on the tiny strip of wall between the window and the door. i would sit at the side of my desk, and one-hop the ball off the ground and into the target area, then back into my general area to catch. if i could do it 5 times in a row, i'd stop taking calls for the rest of the day and start drinking.


now i save the booze for special clients and/or fridays.

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i love bouncy balls. the really hard compound kind, especially.


old navy sells some really good ones out of a giant vending machine for $.25

man that was the best 25 cents i've ever spent, since then i've lost that ball and went back to buy another only to find the machine was no longer there

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fuck that. dollar store batteries are shit.


now i want a bouncy ball ;)

I also want a bouncy ball. But one that bounces good.


Oh man, my brother and I would take bouncy balls I won at an arcade by my junior high, like 10 or 12 of them, each of us with 5 or 6, go into the bathroom, close the door and just hurl them against the tile, have them bounce around the room and see if we could avoid them. It was good times.


I also want a coloring book now.

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