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Sex Scenes...

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it's a french film. check it out bitch.

yeah, what he said. directed by the same guy who did amelie and alien: resurrection. strange combo, i know, but give it a shot.


but yeah, does anyone not like sex scenes? in certain films a sex scene seems like some kind of shorthand for showing that two characters are in love... i.e. it's lazy storytelling and a surefire way to keep people interested in what's on the screen for another 5 minutes. my best example of this would be the sex scene between kate beckinsale and scott speedman in underworld 2 where they inexplicably have sex in what seems to be a kind of warehouse.



i don't like it because it has no bearing on the story aside from being a shoddy example of their "love" at work. they just stop fighting some big vampire monster things and then take their clothes off... yes, what an opportune time for a good porking!


i like it when films like delicatessen and team america deconstruct the sex scene and have some fun with it. even david lynch, who has directed his fair share of sex scenes, attempts to tie each one to the story, as well as he pays attention to the visual elements that go beyond naked, flailing bodies.



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