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matt should put out a dvd

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There were plans to package one with WLRRR about 6 months prior to its release. However I think Universal wanted to see how WLRRR sold before making that investment.


Unfortunately Avalanche sold under expectations and so far WLRRR has absolutely tanked, so I think it might be a while until we see a DVD unless this next single does extremely well (and moves records).

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The dvd could have anything and i would buy it. Even if it had footage from stuff that i already have, i would still buy it. It could be a video of matt washing his car, and i would still buy it.

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I'd love a DVD of Matt's vids, although with high-res ones being offered on the site for many of them, the need for this is reduced, so a live concert DVD would probably work better.

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Id love to see a DVD. I myself am not a fan of live concert footage, I only appreciate seeing it with bands ive yet to see live.

But it would definetly be cool if there was recording footage, videos, interviews etc.

Its ridiculous that Avalanche didnt do as well as previous MGB, but im not suprised, as far as WLRRR, I myself am having a hard time getting into the cd, I bought it on principle because its Matt. I have maybe listened to it once. My theory is that later on i'll get into it, im just spacially not in the same place he is right now.

Regardless on what his records are selling I definetly do not see a shortage of fans. He had three sold out shows here in toronto. Now granted he likely wouldnt be able to sell out the skydome, arent we all just secretly happy about that? In the sense that a lot of fans like to think theyre the only ones that like the band, or one of the few (this is common in the indie scene)

Bands make all their money off touring and merchandise anyhow.

I must say i enjoy being in the minority.

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I'd definately like to see a dvd. Put together some interviews from over the years, include the making of Audio of Being which was on Going Coastal on Much back in the day and include the making of WLRRR and videos and plenty more goodies. Now that i think about, i really want a dvd out, NOW!!

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