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This picture is funny

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yeah BC people are pussies. I remember when they got that what was it? 10cm of snow? And they all freaked out. OH MY GOD THE SKY TRAIN ISN'T WORKING!

My friend online was freaking out, she tends to be a little over the top. I told her to call the army in.

Well, they aren’t prepared for it but complaining to someone that’s seen 30 foot tall snow banks and 6 feet of snow all across their lawn, I don't think you'll be getting any sympathy for 10cm. Oh how I'd love to live in BC.

I still love all my pussy friends though. *hugs Anton*

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we only had two snowfalls last winter though, so it shows how much we don't need to be prepared. And there are some people who do not like the snow, but remember we have mountains with a shitload of snow on them, and there are tonnes of people up there. One thing you wont hear us complain about is the rain, because it is so common.

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mosquitoes never seem to bother me. i don't think they like me.

and we get like 2 serious snowfalls in the important province. but i never go outside or have to shovel it so i never care. except when i have to climb up snowbanks to get to the bus stop.

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Haha.. that West Nile picture was funny.. even the fans were looking at the mosquito.


In Avalanche, when Matt starts to do his little whispering thing.. it sounds an awful lot like "Taco bell shoes" and someone made a desktop wallpaper with it. I found it to be quite funny as well.


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I think he was watching the frisbees that people were throwing around. A few of them looked like they were going to hit the stage.

Oh yeah, the security was getting really angry, I was next to a guard all night, he kept yelling at the people who had them. Every time he took one, another one appeared. It was quite amusing until one hit me in the head.


I loved his pussy comment. I got 34324324+ bites that night.

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