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The Holiday Swag Thread!

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alright so


Muse tickets for Toronto



Starbucks gift card

HMV gift card

Chapters gift Card

2 books

NIN - Year Zero

Bottle of wine

2 Matthew Good Pictures made you know really big and put in nice frames from the concert in Barrie

Adidas Shirt

Adidas jacket

Roots cologne


I believe that is it....

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Boss DD-20 Digital Delay (awesome awesome guitar pedal)

Boss Power Adapter (for aforementioned guitar pedal)

Transformers 2 Blu-ray

EB Games Giftcard

Axe Music Giftcard (hello more guitar stuff!)

2 Wal-Mart giftcards

Playing with Fire by Theoren Fleury


2 shirts

Fuzzy blanket



Random bodywash/deodarant stuff that I get every year and honestly still have some from at least 2 years ago

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new blow dryer and boots from jamie, makeup from my sister, giftcard to starbucks from my other sister, a record player, new shaving accouterments, 50 dollars, pajamas from my parents. necklace and sheets from jamies mom and a clothing item from jamie's sister (i haven't got it yet but i know its clothes).

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-Numerous cookbooks (Nigella, Michael Smith, Jamie Oliver)

-Food and Wine Subscription

-9 bottles of wine (I'm a bit of a foodie)

-yoga outfit

-PS3 games (Grand Theft Auto / God of War)


-lots of yummy smelling stuff from Body Shop/Lush

-Fuji Finepix F200 (for when I can't use the DSLR)

- and, dare I say it, a Snuggie (WTH?)

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The usual assortment of clothes (shirts, a pair or two of jeans, socks) plus some Threadless tees ;) new coat, Superstore and Empire Theaters gift cards, some cash and candy, and two wallets. Two. To quote from above, WTH??


P.S. Nice snag on the snuggie..? You're the first person I've heard of that got one as a gift, I was expecting to hear more people getting them.

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I got $2000 in cash from My mom, My uncles, and aunt. (I then bought my grandmother's plane tickets for her two trips to and from North Carolina with it, and I'm going to give her the rest.


The lovely nurse got me - Platinum hoop earings, tickets for Wayne Newton(It's a Vegas Thing Baby), she's taking me to dinner at my most favorite restaurant, a new CD writer, Lakers tix, Chargers tix, and Padres tix. And she's taking me to see Avatar tonight. She also went on an impressive lingerie shopping spree, including a very impressive Christmas themed bit of thread that left my heart all aflutter. Something new for every night from now til new years... luckily I am in great shape, and may actually not die of a heart attack between now and then. If I do, Mrs. Jesus must deliver the eulogy in a red dress, and must be herself to the max.


The rest of the list:


a jacket

three shirts

Cat Power CD

OLP's new disc

Garbriel Iglesias on DVD

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i got:


new wallet

"Star Wars: Force Unleashed" game for Xbox 360

new winter tires for my car from my dad!!

pair of pants

"1984" by George Orwell

a calender (featuring "extreme sports", even though i'm not really into extreme sports and have a huge fear of heights lol)

new watch

lots of candy and chocolate!

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you should send that candy to the baby in your sig. it looks hungry.


I apologized to Saturnine. If i offended you somehow at some point, then i apologize to you as well (if i offended you with my wisecracks about u in "myburningbridges", i'm sorry also, i was just kidding with that stuff, 100% honest).


I don't want to start anything with anyone on The Bored, so can we please bury the hatchet? *extends olive branch*

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