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If You Had A Super Power?

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flight, or to be super strong.


or kick that Fag sodamntired off of this free message bored,


he can't get a girlfriend

he'll die single

he has m.s.



back to the question, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

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to make the ignore feature ignore you entirely, not just give me the option to ignore you.


otherwise it would be exactly what professor xavier has. i think i can get pretty much anything i want with that. i may not being able to fly, but i can mind trick someone into giving me full privileges to their private jet.

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I sometimes wonder why you try so hard to be unlikeable... and I try to hard to not hate you. Yet every day, you try harder, and it becomes harder to not hate you.


I guess you already have a superpower.


I've always thought slowing time would be kind of a neat ability. Or maybe the ability to back things up and try them again.

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