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William Shatner - "has Been"

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Don't laugh until you've heard it. It's actually very good.


i was crossing the snow fields

in front of the capital building

it was christmas and i was alone

strange city

stangers for friends

i was broke

as the carillons sang its song

i dreamt of success

i would be the best

i would make my folks proud

i would be happy

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened

yes there are nods in my directions

clap of hands

a knowing smile

but still

i was scared again

i'm scared again

foot slipped

devils fall and so did i


i'm high

on yosemite

the big grey wall

fear of falling

where to put my foot next

fear of failure

i whispered in the air

fear of failure

i'm afraid i'm gonna fall

fear of losing my hair


when is the mountain scared

when do i feel i haven't failed

i have to get it together man

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened

people come and say hello

ok i can get to the front of the line

but you have to ignore the looks

and yet

i'm waiting for that feeling of contentment

that ease at night when you put your head down and the rhythm slow to sleep

my heads sways and eyes start awake

im there not halfway between sleep and death

but looking into

eyes wide open

trying to remember

what i might have done

should've done

at my age i need serenity

i need peace

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened yet

it hasn't happened

it hasn't happened

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you should send me a song or two or three ([email protected])


i've wanted to hear WS soooo bad, but i can't find DL's and i don't want to buy a CD i've never heard, y'know?


thanks Anton!! i really appreciate it. I do like it, i dont find it cheesy at all ;)


is he the guy stewie made fun of with the Rocket Man thing on family guy?

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Shatner is the man. He captains one of the teams at one of the largest paintball scenario games int he world - "SPPLAT ATTACK", informally referred to as Shatnerball.

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I've heard a few songs from this. It was amusing, but nothing I'd listen to regularly, or perhaps ever again.


I was intrigued to hear that Adrian Belew of King Crimson did some guitar on the album, and checked it out.

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This album is fucking awesome, Common People is so much fun to listen to.


"You want to sleep with common people, you want to sleep with common people like me? Well, what could I do? I said, I'll see what I can do!"

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