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S.E. Hardy

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So...What all bands have opened for MG(B)? I find a lot of bands I like when they are opening acts for other bands I like. But, as I've never been to an MG concert, I've never seen(or probably even heard of) any of his opening acts. Thanks for the help. ;)

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I know that The Dears did for sure, they are pretty good live. And if you want to get technical, Last year (on his B-day) Matt headlined the Grand Rock Music Festival here in Manitoba so everyone that played before him that day kinda opened for him.

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bands i've seen open for mg/b:


danko jones (dunnville)

the headstones (dunnville)

sloan (dunnville)

live sex show (yes, thats the name of a cover band - cayuga)

pimp (they suck - cayuga)

bif naked (x2 - cayuga + london)

flashlight brown (london)

the miniatures (x1.5 - full set in hamilton + soundcheck in grand bend, but they canceled their set due to the rain)

the dears (hamilton)

pilate (brantford)

turn off the stars (grand bend)

wil (fuckin awsum! - kitchener)

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which band would u recommend me? I don't know any of those bands and I wanted to start downloading some of their stuff but I don't know who i should start with


thanx a lot for ur suggestions

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Opening acts in Vancouver that I have seen are:


Honeysuckle Serontina (http://www.diepopstar.com/honeysuckleserontina.php)



The Organ


The Dears


Bif Naked


Means to an End



You'll be interested to know that Dave Genn helped produce Peppersands full length album. ...And I've also just read that he also had a hand in producing Honeysuckle Serontina.


Wishing you bunnies,


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The bands I've seen on the bill w/ Matt are:


Moist (co-headliners)

The Special Guests


Static in Stereo

Morning Maker

Shocore (the last 4 were part of a festival show. It also happened to be the last show MGB ever did!)

The Dears

Bif Naked

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That is quite a good number mercy :angry:


and why do you wish me bunnies?


Thanks :angry:

I wish you bunnies because they are cute and fluffy and make people smile. I use that as a kind of "yours truly" thing. ;)


Wishing you... well, you know,


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