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Matthew Good Colors

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lol you know whats funny. The first time I drove up to Radium, when I turned onto highway 93 (a little over halfway there) I put in LOTGA on radom play. Well about 30min down the road there's this place called Vermillion Crossing, and sure enough just as I passed Vermillion Crossing Vermillion started playing on the CD Player.

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Invasion 1.


"You wore PINK in the eighties. What were we thinking, I got a brain cloud from the BLACK light in your room."


NOW...some people could argue that black is not a colour, so to that I say..SCREW YOU......that is all.

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that dictionary reference reads that vermillion is a hue, is that a color?, damn now i have to go read more definitions. Ok it seems that a hue is sorta a definition of color. ya learn sumthin every dang day!

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