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What Concerts Have You Been To?

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Hi Everyone,


Just thought I would compile a list of what concerts I've been to:


MGB - 2000 - Edgefest, Barrie, ON

MG - 2003 - Durham College, Oshawa, ON

MG - 2004 - Mod Club, Toronto, ON

MG - 2004 - Le Skratch, Oshawa, ON

MG - 2004 - Kool Haus, Toronto, ON


If anyone in the GTA wants to meet at the next concert near TO, send me an email or add me to your Messenger [email protected]


Peace out,



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3 so far... hopefully more to come...


July 2001 - Canada's Wonderland

- this one was still as Matthew Good Band, had a fucking awesome time

April 2003 - Hamilton Convention Centre

- this was just Matt Good, lost my voice yelling and stuff... the doors opened for them, I almost killed myself waiting I thought they were awful

October 2004 - Kool Haus

- this was my best Matt concert, I was right at the gate, right in fornt of Matt, Mmm... not to mention the set was awesome

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I saw the band only once @ Edgefest 99 in Winnipeg, got Matt's autograph, and I've seen Matt solo three times since then, 2003 @ The Colluseum (with the Dears), summer 2004 at the Red River Ex (with Wil) and fall 2004 @ the Burton Cumming Theatre with Limlifter and Auf De Mar, this was the best concert I've ever been too, it was amazing, opened with Apparitions acoustic, played Workers, Avalanche, Rat Who Would Be King, Pledge, such a good concert, Limblifter was good too

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I've only been a "concert goer" in the last few years, so I never saw him with the Band. I saw the Avalanche tour at the Commodore. The Canada Day show at Richards on Richards. And finally the Arts County Fair debacle.

I so very much wanted to see when he came through with Wil and then again with Limblifter & Auf Der Mar, but lack of money and no one to go with prevented it.

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I havent ever been to any of his concerts but fortunately - and thanx to SUCH kind people here and in the Hub - I have been able to listen to him live and I imagine myself in one of his concerts enjoying SO much listening to him live...


I hope it comes one day when I can fulfill my wish and dream of seeing him playing live ;)

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Oct 27, 2004, SUB Cafeteria, Fredericton NB.


I'm 17, and all his shows are 19+ because of alcohol. This was the only one i succesfully got into.




i have a slew more, but i'm lazy...


is there a gallery dealie on here where i can post pics? i should take a look...

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Guest jjazz

October 2004 at Kool Haus was my first and only MG concert thus far. I was front row, dead centre, and it was prolly the best concert I've ever been to. Man put on quite a show. Opening with Apparitions was priceless.

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MGB - Vogue 2002

MG - Plaza of Nations 2002 or 2003...??

MG - Vogue 2004

MG - Arts County Fair 2005


I wish there were more...well, I'm meeting him tonight so that has to count for like 5 shows at least!

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