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Ok, so we all know that Matt is releasing a greatest hits album with an acoustic cd and a DVD. But does anyone know when he was thinking of relasing a brand new album with his new band ?


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The acoustic CD is guaranteed, Matt's already said Prime Time Deliverance is on it for sure. The DVD's been hinted at, but not confirmed.

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the acoustic cd is a 35 minute track featuring all acoustic songs with live street sounds...


should be AMAZING as usual...can't wait...

Damn....that'll be awesome. Most acoustic albums are great, but that would give it a really cool vibe like he's playing on some street corner, street sounds would be better than the noises an audience would make.

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The acoustic CD is going to be limited? Do we have any idea how many copies are going to be made? If it is limited, I would still be able to purchase it off Amazon or something like that right? Living in the US sucks if I can't get a copy of that.

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