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I am worried.


I heard a few new songs from bootlegs and when i saw System live, but i donwloaded "Attack" and "Hypnotize," and i think this is going to be one shitty album.



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Well this leaked a little while ago and it is by no means a weak album. So far I think I'm liking it more than Mezmerize. "Kill Rock 'N Roll", "Hypnotize", and "She's Like Heroine" are all really solid, among others. Plus "Vicinity of Obscenity" is just plain crazy.


If you didn't like the guitar player singing more, like on last album, well you might not like this one because his voice is quite prevalent here as well but I think both their voices complement each other quite well.


In my opinion this is a more accessible album but can easily stand up to previous ones.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again; Daron needs to never, ever, ever sing again. There should be an addition to the Geneva Convention stipulating that the song of his voice is inhuman torture.


More Serj, less Daron.

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i readed in an article in a guitar magazine, and the album was mostly all written by Daron Malakian, the guitarist/ high pitched voiced singer. So the albums Hypnotize/Mezmerize is all basically his mind... I personally have liked their sound they've produced since Toxicity. Im gonna be picking it up when it hits shelves whether i like it or not, because its SOAD.

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