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Recording Shows?

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Hey all,


first post..


wanting to know what Matt's policy is on recording the shows. I have been a long time trader and have taped a few of matts shows in the past. Assuming it is cool to do so (not for profit) i would love to set up some torrents or such of the solo tour and trade share with traders and such.


anyone plan to tape any? I plan to tape BArrie and hopefully Buffalo.





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well, he's said that he doesn't "mind" people audio bootlegging his shows... Everytime I've taped his shows its been done stealth style. Apparently he has a problem with people videotaping entire shows but not audio.....

If you want to trade shows, there is a Matthew Good Hub


lots of shows from the last 2 tours were taped, and various others

--- what Matt shows have you taped???

I'll be taping 6 shows this tour, and will put them on the hub.

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Right now there is a hardware configuration issue that has brought the Hub down.


So for right now the hub is down for a couple of days. link


It's possible someone else may take over hosting it, but if not then there will be some downtime.

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No because you may have connections with other people that would be faster than others may have.


The way Rogers and other companies are fucking with transfer rates you may in fact have a connection 3X as fast than someone else who has something, so its all about sharing and fast sharing.



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curious to see if any of the shows have been recorded to date and if so, how do they sound? are they available?

Pintowax and Sour were doing their thing on the Ontario dates. With Matt being ill and missing shows, not sure how that will have affected Pintowax's 8-show travels, but I would imagine they would hit the majority of the dates.


As for myself, the Edmonton recording turned out great and is in the hands of 5ilent getting EQ'd and will be available shortly. I posted a sample of Fated in the merged tour thread, but you can still get it here.

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i was able to get the buffalo show recorded last night. I think it turned out pretty good considering the the crowd was pretty loud. Illl have it up on the hub in the next few days....Barrie next!

Fantastic news, glad that the Buffalo was recorded again. Good luck in Barrie.

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