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Rate The Custom Member Title Above

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I noticed some people have some pretty funny tag lines.


Same deal as the avatar thing.


For those who do not know, the title appears below the avatar.


Have fun.



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Guest jsunC
4/10. Pretty bland. "Manic monkey" would be sweeter, and avatar-appropriate.


Edit: dammit, mine is critiquing jsunC

manic monkey would be good. Except it wouldn't now that you just suggested it, thanks a lot.



And to matrix, 7/10 because it's funny, but a tad overplayed

Edited by jsunC
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Dude, you totally gotta rate mine. Now, everyone's gonna rate yours cause you're the last to post and no one's going to rate mine. This sucks.



Edit: as to why are you transfixed, and on what?

Edited by matrix
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