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I couldn't contain myself until I got home from work...


I listened to it twice; liked it much more the second time around than the first. It's definitely a different direction than in previous releases; it sounds very accessible.


I think it will definitely be a pretty good album although I do wish he'd rock out for at least one more release in the future.


I noticed that his myspace has two tracks that are on the new album. Click

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So, I saw David Usher last night, at Richard's on Richards and he was, as usual, fucking amazing.


Unlike Commodore Ballroom, the evening was very intimate, seeing as the stage was tiny and he likes to move around a lot. He spent a lot of time on the little mini-stage in front of the stage, surrounded by fans and getting grabbed at. He, himself, loved to grab at the fans and sing along with them.


The lucky, very hot girl next to me, got pulled up on the stage and hugged/spun around the stage by him.


For the 1st encore, he pulled the girl, and I up onto the stage, and then told more people to crawl up on the stage, while he sat in front of us, and sang "St. Lawrence River". It was very intimate and sweet.


He also did a very cool, freaky strobe light dance. And he did a crazy hard rock cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".


I'll have crappy videos up on youtube eventually, if anyone's interested.


Pictures here. Most of them blurry :S

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I really dug

1. the video for "The Music"

2. The nice sorta breakbeat-y sound of "The Music"


And he certainly rocks out in concert ;)


Glad the album's not as chill as the last.

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Guest Prosis

Me neither...I feels it's all the same and his style is starting to annoy me...


This one is same old same old


I miss Moist and watching Mark Makoway making faces and grimacing

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I saw David Usher @ Commodore Ballroom last night, and it's my favourite venue because the stage is decent and the sound is great.


As usual, he was a vision of energy and health. He played a ton of old Moist stuff and a couple brand new songs he wrote a few days ago. Very cool, very catchy.


He's just a great singer live. And so very gorgeous. As an audience member put it,


"Sexy Thailand Man!" indeed.


Afterwards, we went around back and met with him for a bit. He was so gracious (I know everyone always says that about musicians who meet with their fans after the show, but he really was!). He made sure to sign and take pictures with everyone who wanted. We didn't need to ask he just sauntered up to us and said "Is there anything you'd like me to sign, or pictures?"


I could have died.



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I agree with most of what has been said. I don't see much dispute that he has a great rock band voice, but it seems that each album gets softer and more poppy. I actually like the slow stuff from his first solo album the best, especially St. Lawrence River. His Moist stuff is way better obviously. I pretty much compare him to the Edwin post I Mother Earth days. Edwin was a great leader but when songwriting duties fell on him, all that came out were a few singles and a slow decline.

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I'm actually a really big David Usher fan, but I find that in general he's very hit-or-miss. His good stuff is absolutely brilliant, but he usually has a lot of filler.

i haven't heard anything new.. you're right though, he can be very hit or miss.. what would you guys say the new stuff sounds like?

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