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Everyone's heard that Boulevard of Broken Songs mashup, right?


Anyway, not quite a mashup, but my friend likes to house mix sometimes, and he's pretty good, but I might be a bit biased. The mix is about an hour long, but is chocked full of fun songs.


The volume's a bit messed, so you'll have to turn it up quite a bit at the beginning (starts at about 1 minute), and then turn it down around the 6 minute mark...But it levels out after that ;)



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i used to have a few good mashups on here.


i have two favorites though, a mashup of "god put a smile on your face" by coldplay and "love you to" by the beatles.


the second is called "pure freaky" and is a mashup of "pure morning" by placebo and that freaky song by missy eliot that i dont know the actual name of. you know what im talking about. it works really well.


if i can find either, i will definitely share em.

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