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Wost First Date Movie?

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what is it? it can be a true story, or a movie you can imagine would be a bad first date movie.



mine is a tie between Brokeback Mountain (a recommendation by the professor that set me up with the girl I was on a date with) and The Rules Of Attraction. Fantastic movie, but when it starts with a rape scene, kind of puts a downer on any hopes of a second date.



so what do you got?

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I never understood why two people who are just starting to date would want to watch a movie together in the first place. There's no time for communication in my opinion?


Anyway for the topic at hand... probably 21 Grams. Depressing.

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Totally agree. What's the point to a first date if you have no chance to get to know the person?



It's not THAT bad of an idea, for one thing, a movie gives you something to talk about when it's over. Probably makes things a little easier if you're starting from nothing, like if you barely know the person or something. Besides, it's not like people go on dates when they just see a movie and immediately go their separate ways and do nothing else afterwards.

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