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Any Good Canadian Shows?

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I found this about powerplay...from wiki


The show was briefly aired on the US network UPN, staring in 1999, but was pulled after just two episodes. The second episode aired in the US has the distinction of being the lowest-rated episode ever (since the Neilson ratings service began in the 1950s) of any prime-time TV series ever aired by any US network.


I tried to find it on torrent but wasn't able too...


due south - i vaguely remember as a teenager(it too was on in the states) but didn't much care for it then, i'll give it another shot!


gonna try to check out robson arms and davinci, maybe corner gas as well....


thanks everyone and if there are any other shows worth checking out please let me know.

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Twitch City.

word. twitch city was a damn good show.


also, callum keith rennie rules.


i'd say that slings and arrows is a good show, but given your tastes, you might not like it. billable hours, too, although it's essentially a canadian version of "the office."


i highly, highly recommend ready or not. or degrassi!

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All you need on torrent is Corner Gas and you should be fine. It is by far the best show in Canada's shallow history of good shows. Other ones deserving of mention that I've seen are This Hour Has 22 Minutes, SCTV (sometimes), The Red Green Show (sometimes), The Kids in the Hall (the few times when it's very good to great).

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