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i seriously don't get how you could listen to death cab over coldplay.

How can you not? There is more variety on Transatlanticism than Parachutes, A Rush..., and X and Y combined. But yeah too each their own. I am not about to rip on someone's music taste especially when comparing two solid bands like Coldolay and Death Cab.

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Typical Colplay lyrics with a harder sound. I liked it fine enough, but I read that this new album was supposed to be a departure from the previous albums, and if this song is any indication, it can't be that big of a leap. I hope the rest of the songs are more intriguing.


I too think Parachutes is Coldplay at its best.

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I really don't like it all that much, maybe with a few more listens I would be able to get into it more. I wish they would have stuck with the sound from A Rush Of Blood To The Head. That album is one of my favorites.


Besides I don't think Coldplay should be doing guitar solos like they did in the song. I miss the piano and crooning vocals as well.


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I'm kind of tired with Coldplay...the guy isn't very creative with his lyrics and does the same long, drawn-out syllables when he sings, like he can't think up enough words to fill up the line, so he stretches each one out to fill in the gaps. It's cool. I liked the first couple albums too, but now it's just the same old thing over and over.

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