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Mental Health Voices Award Video

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This week, I'm in a show at the theatre in here in Sarnia, my first after my panic attacks following my own diagnosis with bipolar. Took me three years to get to this point.


When Matt played here last year around this time, it was my first time entering the theatre period in at least two years. I bought the cap at the merchandice booth - and this video is why I'm going to wear it during the show. ;)

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I'm so glad that he's bringing mental illness out. It's such a touchy subject to deal with because there are some many stigma's that go along with it. I was told a few times not to let people know that I was bipolar because they'd use that against me... I think it's the fear of not knowing because they fear to be educated and see that some of the problems other people have, they have too. Everyone has some sort of mental illness, being depression or other variants of it.


I praise Matthew Good for being open with it and not let people tell him not to. It helps people in the same circumstances know that there is someone out there just like them, someone in the public eye that they can relate to. It makes me proud to be a fan of him not just for his music, but for his honesty, for being a real human being, with real problems.


Congrats Matt, you deserve it!

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This is just such an amazing thing. In a time where so many celebs are doing anything and everything for attention, it's so refreshing and inspiring to see someone, stand up and be counted for helping others with similar circumtances. Nothing but praise and respect for Matt here.

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