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Leslie Feist or Regina Spektor?  

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  1. 1. Who do you prefer?

    • Feist
    • Regina

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Which attractive female indie singer has your heart?


I'm going to go with Regina, because she makes a lot of her music with just herself (piano+vocals). Also, while Feist has a higher ratio of quality-to-crap, when Regina makes a good song, it's GOOD.

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regina seemed to be good early on, but has since released some really mediocre stuff. feist seems more consistent, but half the songs on the reminder were written at the time of let it die, so its a bit too early to tell how consistent she is at this point.


i'm going with feist though. regina does write some unique stuff, but i tend to like feist's a bit more. again, consistency. but neither of them really have a solid place in my heart.


cat power on the other hand...

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Samson is definitely in my top 5 favourite songs of all time. Some ineffable quality about it...I can listen to it over and over.


If Regina didn't make that song, there's a chance my vote would be different on that alone. The thing about Regina is that a lot of her best stuff is not on her albums. The woman has a shitload of b-sides. Youtube "Pound of Flesh" for one of her best songs.


Edit: here it is.



Edit again: Hmm, the youtube code doesn't seem to work.


Here's the link:

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I just discovered Regina Spektor in the last few months (thank you last.fm!).


I don't have any of her albums yet, but I firmly intend to get Begin To Hope at the very least.


I like Feist too, but considering Regina lived in New York City for a long time I'm inclined to go for her. And plus she's just much much cuter and I wish I was her man.




And that pound the flesh song is fucking good.

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