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T-shirt Hell Is Closing!

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Since T-shirt hell (www.tshirthell.com) is closing in 2 weeks, I need to buy one last shirt for myself, as well as this one a423_thumb.jpg for my girlfriend for valentines day.


Don't worry about the colour of the picture, you can change it, so here are my finalists... vote and comment as you will, I need to make a decision.


1. Gay Jesus a1172_thumb.jpg


2.Fat girl forest a671_thumb.jpg


3. Organic Shirt a1002_thumb.jpg

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this is what i think:


the one for your gf is funny. gay jesus looks like badmotorfinger era chris cornell.


overall, tshirt hell is fucking lame and you are too old for that shit. waste your money elsewhere.


i'm with the missus on this one. those shirts really aren't that funny after the initial "oh, ha" and then you're stuck wearing it for the rest of the day.

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