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Dan #2

Gunman Caricature

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its actually sortof tempting to do the same thing....i've been wanting to get a tattoo that represents matt good, and i think that this just might be it

haha, i know i'm going, right after christmas!!!



i'll post pics too, Lauren, don't worry



PS~ does anyone know how to quoute to diffewrent posts at once?

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That would so rock dude!

I like that idea.. or get a tattoo of the NF bunny! New official mascot?? Maaaaaaaaaybe!


And nope I'm not eactly sure how to quote more than once.


I'm gonna get this:


for a tattoo.. *just the writtien part.. no need to draw a full lighter lol*


The best tattoo ever.. would be getting a barcode on yout neck or top back.

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Just so everybody know, it was supposed to be a wink ; )


Hey Crusader? That was good times eh? Teehee, sorry. Please don't spank me.

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