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this'll be a tough one. i might put more than one.


So I'll let you know

If you need, somewhere to go

I'll be listening when you call

And I'll be there if you fall off

If you need someone to believe in,

I'll let you know I will


less than jake ft. billy bragg - the brightest bulb has burned out


Please tell me why we couldn’t stay

Don’t let this feeling ever go away

Let this memory forever be inside of me

Through every hour of every day

It’s with the company of these friends

That we drove on through the night

We were carried by the wheels of armageddon

We’re gonna force ourselves to live

Thankful it’s hurt more than we’ve ever felt

It’s just our means to an end


And honestly we were armed with our best intentions

Maybe those intentions alone

are just enough to get us anywhere but here

In the middle of america

Six cylinders will take us further than any president

The same promises that we forgot the last time

There’s no difference between staying and a bullet in the head

Maybe it’s gonna come from the radio

Or the next 8 hour day

Driving to the next town

A collect call home to your best friend

We are the company we keep

We could live off of dumpsters if we have to

Sell our blood by the pint to make rent

This kind of dignity doesn’t come easy

But you’ll never find it for sale


Against Me! - We Did It All For Don


and i'm sure i've got more, but i'd say that does it for me.

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