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Guilty pleasures

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o wow RFR is actually the greatest show of all time, i love ray!


I'm a proud brealfast club, centre stage and dirty dancing 2 fan so i wouldn't say that those were a guilty pleasures.


I love the jimmy neutron movie i saw it in the theatre. i also love the harry potter movies. o and i'm completely in love with josie and the pusycats lol.


as for music i love shakira but shhh no one knows.

and madonna in her early days cause she turned crap in the 90s


as for video games i don't play a lot of them but i love the spice girls game for playstation and summer heat beach volleyball for ps2.

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I really liked the Breakfast Club too, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


I play Mario Cart on Gamecube a lot. It's like watching a fish if you play it enough. Have you ever heard that watching a fish swim around is supposed to help your concentration? Same concept.

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Night at the Roxbury


Last Unicorn

Ever After

Nightmare on Elm Street (all of 'em!)


As for video games, activision's megamania is WHERE IT'S AT. And lode runner. And super monkey ball (for a recent-ish one).

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-Any 80's teen movie (Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueler's Day Off, Pretty in Pink, etc...)

-Cheesy horror movies (Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Evil Dead 2, and pretty much ANY zombie movie ever made)

-A Walk to Remember (it makes me cry everytime)

-Death to Smoochie

-10 Things I Hate About You

-Romie and Michelle's High School Reunion



-Savage Garden

-Goo Goo Dolls

-The Calling

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i like...





fuck off...


and as for movies...hmmm...


guilty pleasure? hmm... i like... ummm... pretty much any disney cartoon...well, the good ones i mean.

*cough*me too*cough*


Walk to remember wasn't that bad of a movie, bit of a chick flick but it had a good story to it.


Yea chuck norris was definetly a guilty pleasure back in teh day...

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