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Just Saw Batman Begins For 1st Time

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Wow, that is one kick-ass movie. Definately as good as Spider-Man. Great casting, Bale/Holmes/Neeson/Freemon were excellent as were the rest. I like how they built up the Bruce Wayne character and his background instead of just relying on showing Batman fighting for 2 hours. I mean it was actually a great movie with or without Batman.


Easily the best Batman movie ever and one of the best superhero flicks ever alongside Spiderman.

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also to note:


- the only thing i didn't like about Batman Begins is that Batman's ears look dumb. They point in toward the head, instead of pointing straight up like they always do. I think it looks lame.


- and oh yeah, the new batmobile is the most bad-ass batmobile ever by far & one of the coolest cars ever!


- i agree Spiderman 2 was better than part 1.


- i liked the 1st xmen flick better than X2.

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I haven't seen Spiderman 2... Should I?

Yeah, you definately should if you liked the original at all. It's much better with a lot of very cool and humourous character building scenes for Peter Parker. It's a well done flick if you ignore some of the horrible dialouge between Peter and Mary Jane.

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This movie was really not that great. They dialogue was terrible throughout the movie. The cinematography and plot were pretty great, even the acting wasn't all that bad, but they lost me with their attempts at being witty (i.e. doing this damn reverse comment like 10 times in the movie, for example "didnt you get the memo?", "mind your surroundings" etc. They repeat crap in different contexts to be clever, but just look stupid.)


I've seen far better.

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