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I am extremely interested in everything space-related. It is one of my hobbies, and i am thinking of possibly minoring in astronomy.


Something the world needs is to explore space like Magellan and Columbus and those guys explored earth. My dream is to go into space and do crazy stuff like that. See stuff like this:



That is an actual (composite) PHOTOGRAPH of Orion's Belt through a telescope. It looks even better full size.http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/image/051..._demartin_f.jpg



Go here for thousands of incredibly awesome astronomy pictures:




And astrology is crap.









Where is there for humanity to progress now but into space?

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I enjoy television programs that take place in outer space. Well, technically, on other planets, 'cos it'd be hard to breathe in outer space.

Interesting fact: the makers of "girls gone wild" are planning on taking their next movie to the upper atmosphere, where they will engage in a freefall and film in zero gravity.


Sounds like fun to me.

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I like space too, but I'd rather see humans explore the reast of this blasted planet and learn to actually take care of it before we go and screw up the rest of the universe. Nice pics by the way, lol

i agree with that. a lot of our planet still hasnt been explored, lots of creatures haven't even been documented. as much as i like space, i think we need to understand ourselves before we try understandin the rest of it.

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