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Pearl Jam & Matt Good Tour Would Rock !

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I would love to see Matt open for pearl jam. I think that would be a great show. Maybe have Eddie get up there and sing a couple songs then Matt do the same.


I also think they would really get along.


Sorry I just smoked a fattie and Iam just blabbering away...

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I'm a huge Pearl Jam fan so I'll preface this post by saying that, but still...


Matt Good isn't at all above being an opening act. Big bands open for other big bands all the time. Pearl Jam recently opened for Petty will be opening for U2 in a few months. I know there are even better examples of huge acts being openers. It's nothing inferior or shameful, it's music.


MGB & Pearl Jam played in a festival show in Barrie way back when


So obviously I'd be up for an MG/PJ show. Matt and Eddie's vocals are so different they're my two favorites singers so I'd love to see it happen. As for them getting along... They have very similar values and political views.


How about MG opening for the Who in October? He could rock out on I Can't Explain.

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he should be big everywhere (feel free to make a penis joke) I hate how the shit bands like Nickelback and Simple Plan have so much fame but Matt gets no love outside canada (except for a few exceptions as illustrated by the global diversity of the bored)

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