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I'm surprised Anton has made such a small deal about this, but there's another Rodchester Kings song up in the store, and it's pretty damn awesome. Check it out.


Edit: Just looked at the front page of the site. Oops...

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Also, how/where did you find this?

There was an auction on ebay a month or 2 back, which included the casset tape of "and in closing..." the regular Rodchester Kings tape, along with a single by the Rodchester Kings, called Sleep.


Think it went for like $150 something US.


I kinda wanna line up all of Matt Good's songs in chronological order, and just listen to it from beginning to end, but saying that "aloud" just now is making me kinda think that it might be a tad crazy/stupid...

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I saw it on ebay, and decided at the last minute to go for it. $150 later I was the owner of 2 cassettes (...And In Closing, Sleep). I'd never heard of this Sleep so I got a techie friend to change it to mp3 format. I guess he had other things to do cause it took him a month, but I don't care, it's a great song.

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