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Why Hasn't This Been Posted Yet?

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at least he has his recording career to fall back on....







seriously, can anyone name one thing he has contributed to society that will make him memorable 10, 20 years from now?

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I hope he's on Surreal Life. Not that I've watched more than a couple of episodes (how can Ron Jeremy living with a televangelist not be funny?), but it's just where he ought to go.


Is it wrong that I've become so accustomed to reading about huge sums of money that a $123 million divorce doesn't impress me at all?

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Me and my friend who works at a Cd store listened to his "album" when it came out. And by "listen" I mean we heard half of the first song before we grew disgusted and turned it off.


At one point in the song there's a sample of a newsanchor saying something to the effect of; "Kevin Federline is a terrible father to his child" and then there's a crashing sound. I yelled out [in the middle of the store] "K-Fed just dropped his fucking baby!"

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