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Donating Blood

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I used to give blood. I can't anymore because of diabetes. However, it's really quite simple.


1) You fill out some paperwork

2) The tie off your arm

3) the find a vein

4) The stick the needle in

5) They give you some juice and a cookie


Takes less than 10 mins.

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I tried to donate blood a couple years ago, and I didn't get through the screening process, because I'm too small/light.


Now that I'm fat, I fully intend to give blood until I'm skinny again haha

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it hurts less than a bee sting.



i would love to donate blood, but i've had mono and apparently once you have mono, you don't qualify to be a donor. hospitals in vancouver are super low on blood right now... i'm trying to get my girlfriend to go, because her blood type (O-) is what that the hospitals are in desperate need of, but she HATES hospitals and needles.

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Never donated blood, but i've had blood taken twice this year for doctor check-ups. I'd imagine is almost the exact same thing, just when you donate they'd take a little more. I've never been keen on needles, but after years of getting flu shots i've gotten used to it. Its not the pain you're scared of (cuz it doesn't hurt more than a baby pinching your skin), its just the idea of the needle.


What they did for me:

- i sat down in a chair

- they tied a thing around arm (like i'm about to shoot heroin)

- gave me a little ball to squeeze

- put needle in (in the little elbow-fold of your arm, like you're shooting heroin LOL)

- you sit there for a few moments

- they remove needle and give u a band-aid.


It wasn't bad at all, the 2nd time i actually watched them put the needle in and take the blood. Kinda neat!


If you're nervous, the trick is to not watch them put the needle in or even watch them do ANYTHING! Just stare at the ceiling when you see a nurse come & don't watch her do anything until its over.


Suggestion: Go get your free flu shot to warm up cuz those are easier they just go in the shoulder. Then a few weeks later go give blood.



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Taking blood doesn't hurt at all. The needle is so small you don't even feel it. It is just the thought about blood coming out that kinda feels gross. I see gallons of blood a day, but just it coming out of you is kind of weird. Anyway, a paper cut or a sliver hurts more than taking blood.

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okay I'm all done.


Shared my blood!


Worst part, in terms of pain, was getting your finger pricked so they can test your blood to make sure you have enough iodine.


Worst part for me was waiting, after they talked to me and went through all the questions. Sitting there watching the people lie there having their blood taken.


Then when it was my turn, sat down in the chair, and they almost didn't let me do it. The nurse told me (as I was obviously super stressed out) that sometimes for first donors if they're looking too stressed they actually wont let you donate. SO I had to convince her I was okay.


Then there's this little "pinch" and that's it. Spent the rest of the time laughing at myself for being so worried about it.

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Yeah those are big. I've seen them go in... They have different gages for which size they need for the person... so if you're a bigger person you get the huge fucking needle.

It's probably good that they didn't let me see the thing because if they did, they'd have to knock me out before shoving that thing into my spine to extract my precious fluids.

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