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Was Matt In That Crappy Muchmusic Movie?

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Has anyone who's responded actually seen it though?


Everyone keeps saying how bad it is, but no one seem's to have actually seen it. I know they're selling it a certain way, but from what I heard it's not as bad you might all think.


Granted I heard good things from a friend of mine who's friends with the Director, but still, I'd love to hear comments from someone who's SEEN the movie.

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Matthew Good the actor was in the movie, not Matthew Good the singer. They are 2 different people.

except that when you click on the matthew good listed under the cast on imdb, it takes you to our matt and not the 'actor'. and as far as i know, the 'other' matt good is american.. which wouldn't be a viable option for a canadian film

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As far as I know, Chart announced that Matt would be in it, but he never ended up taking part. That's probably why he's (incorrectly) credited on IMDB.


Matthew Goode is some British actor who was in some crappy movie with Mandy Moore.

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