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Beautiful Midnight

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I say every list ever made about music should have a Matt album on it. Except like the worst album list, or cheesist or whatever.


Ah, how did Billy Talent???? beat MGB?


Is this list best ever? The Killers at 41? Ever? They're good, but 41? Ever!?

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the list is a joke.. i personally would seriosuly agree with MGB or MG album making a best ever list, but i'd say Avalanche or Audio Of Being are cleverer and better than Beautiful Midnight, which is only amazing, lol!


There are some stupid inclusions in that list especialy high up. but ah well...

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The problem with public voted lists such as these, is the tendancy to associate an album that is currently "hot" and being played lots with it being great.


Lol as was mentioned Billy Talent. Are we going to see that album on the list if this survey was done 2 years from now?


Put more stock in the older albums (such as U2 Joshua Tree and BM) that are in the list, as opposed to the more recent albums.


Oh and the only list a Nickleback album should be on, is the WORST CRAP EVER LIST

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Lists, by definition, suck. Or at least it should be put in the definition.

i love lists<3


but lists of greatest albums or whatever always suck because no one is ever going to agree on them anyway, it's too much of a personal thing so there's really no point to them


in other news, i have pizza ;)

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Ever see the rolling stones top 500 alblums of all time? I thought that list was dead on. Beatles sgt peppers was number one.


That list seemed to be mostly new and popular music, I was pretty proud I owned over half the CDs on the list...

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