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Who here plays instruments and what do you play?

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Are most of you forced to playing something, or did you take it up on your own?

My parents would never make me do something I didn't want to, but I almost wish they had sometimes. My dad taught me guitar when I was 13 but I stopped playing for a few years and I regret it. Well, not regret but if I had played all through my teens years I would have had a lot more practice

and could be a female jimi hendrix by now (just kidding!)

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I played violin in school from grades 5-9, but I don't take strings anymore. I can play basic tunes on the recorder (Very basic), and I can also play very basic songs on the organ.


I seriously want to learn how to play the guitar, though. I'm thinking that I'll buy "How To Play a Guitar for Dummies" ($35) but I still need to buy a guitar. I saw one the other day at a good music store for $130, marked down from $170. I don't remember the brand.


Question: Should I consider buying that one, or should I look at something in the $200's? I don't plan on ever using it to perform, I just want to play in private so it doesn't have to look fancy.

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I have never heard the word "stratocaster" ever before your post, although I'll trust you on this one. ;)

I guess I'll take another look at the $130 guitar and check out the warranty. Still have to wait a few weeks before I can afford it though.

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Ya, no i'm not good at detecting sarcasm on the internet. It actually get's me into deep trouble when i'm talking with people on MSN. I just have to read people's faces, to really know what they are thinking....quite bugging me!!!

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